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JinYuan Lighting and Tiger World Flashlight


Founded in 2004, Guangdong Jinyuan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd is one of the largest LED product manufacturer in the world.The land area of the LED factory is 1,5000 square meters,factory area covers 60,000 square meters,with 2000 qualified employees.

Jinyuan Lighting is also the world's No. 1 LED torch manafacturer in sales volume.It manucfatures over 20 million units of LED torches every month and keeps breaking the record for exporting torches to all over the world year by year.Jinyuan Lighting is specialized in portable lighting,LED lighting,solar PV modules and solar products.

Jinyuan Lighitng operates an independent LED chip encapsulation manufacturing facility and multiple research and product development institutes.

As the world's leading LED product manufacturer,Jinyuan Lighting provides OEM,ODM,CKD and SKD services.We are aiming to create the best LED products with the most professional customer service to our clients.


Guangdong Jinyuan Lighting Technology Co.,Ltd.

TEL: 86-768-2800688 FAX:86-768-2800788  Email: Info@jinyuanlighting.com